Agriculture Project

Introduction  : 

Contribution of Agriculture in national economy is significant and the development of Bangladesh is inherently linked to the development of agriculture. CUS believes that a comprehensive approach of integrating microfinance program with all agriculture interventions focusing mainly on modern and appropriate technology including quality seed production, climate change, disaster and risk management, fertilizers and pest management and marketing support can help scale up agriculture sector significantly. This in turn will improve and the overall socioeconomic condition of the target farmers. With this in consideration.

Goal : 

To increase income and employment of ultra poor and pro-poor particularly landless, small and marginal farmers with special attention to women in rural areas through increasing productivity and production of crops, horticulture, forestry, fisheries, livestock and poultry, Agriculture and environment related programs are closely intertwined with global climate change and as well as marketing support to the farmers for fair price of products.

Objectives  :  

  • Increase production of crops, forestry, fishery, livestock and poultry.
  • Create agro-base self-employment opportunities.
  • Ensure agro-base self-financed and sustainable income generating activities.
  • Technology extension and marketing service available to farmers.
  • Make credit available to farmers.
  • Make quality inputs including irrigation to farmers