Our Ongoing Project

πŸ”„Β Handicraft & Tailoring, Candle, Bag Production & Skill Development Training Program.
πŸ”„ Tree Plantation & Climate Change & Social Forestry Issues Awareness Program.
πŸ”„ Disable Development, Rehabilitation & Education Program.
πŸ”„ Participatory Disaster Preparedness Training & Food Packing Program.
πŸ”„ Free Medical Camp & Free Medicine distribution Program.
πŸ”„ National & International Day Observation.
πŸ”„ Primary Health, Nutrition, People Services & HIV/AIDS Awareness & Motivational Program.
πŸ”„ Maternity Allowance & Awareness Program.
πŸ”„ Non Formal Primary & Adult Education Program.
πŸ”„ Youth Development & Networking Program.
πŸ”„ Awareness build up of COVID-19 Program & Distribution Food Package Program,
πŸ”„ Awareness build up of Dengue & Chekun Guniya Program.
πŸ”„ Awareness Program of Early Marriage Anti-dowry & Prevention of Child-marriage, Child & Women Development & Anti-Trafficking Program
πŸ”„ Awareness & Medicine distribution of Family Planning Program.
πŸ”„ Water, Sanitation & Distribution of Deep Tube well Program.
πŸ”„ Cow, Cattle & Goat Rearing, Poultry Firming, Fish Cultural, Horticultural Production Program.
πŸ”„ Bio Flock Fishing Program.
πŸ”„ Cultural Program.
πŸ”„ Rehabilitation of Housing Program.