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CHITTRA UNNAYAN SANGSTHA (CUS) is a Bangladeshi non-governmental organization (NGO) which aims to help people in remote and unaddressed communities to reach their full potential. The Organization has been established in 1997 but registration get from 2000, in the name of CHITTRA UNNAYAN SANGSTHA (CUS). As a Social Development Organization, started its journey with the goal to build a healthy society where all people are able to meet the basic human needs with full of joy and peace.


CHITTRA UNNAYAN SANGSTHA (CUS) is a non-government organization has been working since 1997. The organization was started its journey from the south-west coastal zone of Bangladesh in which people were deprive from socio-economic development and the basic human needs. At present CHITTRA UNNAYAN SANGSTHA (CUS) has a number of innovative projects including the installation of Micro Trade ,Development, Education, Health, Water and Sanitation, Environmental Conservation, Handcraft, integrated agricultural development and training program etc. Around 6000 dedicated, energetic and committed members’ of staff are engaged in the development activities of CHITTRA UNNAYAN SANGSTHA (CUS). In the recent Years CHITTRA UNNAYAN SANGSTHA (CUS) has planed to work in five divisions, 16 districts which would have great contribution for socio-economic development, poverty alleviation, gender equity, health, education and Human Resources Development in Bangladesh.

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